Maandelijks archief: juli 2020


A few questions.
What do we listen to?
How can we speak?
What can we do in the face of blind hatred?
How do we respond to the killing of innocent people going about their lives harming no-one?
What should we do with the anger we feel?

When I look underneath the anger I see a deep grief for the senseless loss and a strong feeling of powerlessness. How did it get to this? And where do we go from here?

We seem to give in more and more to the external and internal voices of anxiety, fear and powerlessness, and seek safety in the illusionary power of anger and weapons. We divide the world into “us and them”, “friend and enemy”, “my kind, my group, and the others”. And out of these divisions and separations our response is usually reasoned revenge, more weapons, more murky legislation. All of it is justified by fear, designed to reduce fear and actually engendering more fear. The cycle just goes on and on. We’ve been doing this for centuries, eons. This path has never lead to peace, justice and compassion. We really need a different approach.
The usually rather soft spoken voices that have the courage to express understanding, compassion, empathy, human kindness, oneness; they are vital and ever more important to show us another way. These voices can be our voices!

We can try to heal, to bridge the gaps. To make whole, to open ourselves to see the others as ourselves and understand their fears and pain as our own fear and pain. We need to make ourselves heard in the expression of understanding and kindness and compassion.

Act with loving kindness, compassion and dignity. Treat all beings with loving kindness, compassion and dignity. Do it where you are. In your family, in your house, in your street, your neighbourhood, your community, your town, your country. Do it now and keep doing it. Go against the stream. Make whole, make peace, make a difference. And please, make yourself heard.